Better than busking

Our entertainment on Lincoln Road usually comes in a more inadvertent form – watching hoochies on Rollerblades and taking fashion tips from the latest in doggie couture. But today we’re excited about a live performance, and we’re not talking about the homeless dude who rolls around in the fountain near Starbucks (but seriously, what is it with that guy?). Skilled Argentine rocker Diego Jinkus will be bringing his Spanish-flavored funk to the acoustic shell tonight at 8:00, and his performance will be more than worth the trip.

Although Jinkus is clearly influenced by the current wave of avant-garde Latin rock, his style is eclectic. “My music is a mixture of rock, pop, and jazz, with a hint of electronica. I don’t like to call myself pop, because I think the word lost its meaning. The Police were pop, Duran Duranwas pop. There was a loss of virtue of the word, but that is what my sound is,” he explains.
Wed., July 11, 8 p.m.

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