Diego Jinkus in Miami New Times

Though South Florida guitarist/singer/songwriter Diego Jinkus‘s debut full-length is self-released, it sounds professional, capturing a jam-heavy but song-oriented slice of the local world beat scene. The ten tunes rest on a laid-back pop-rock vibe spiced up with Latin percussion and a heavy dose of contemporary jazz. The driving force is the bandleader’s nimble-fingered guitar work, impressively skittering up and down the instrument’s neck while still maintaining a syncopated rhythm. Lyrics here are entirely in Spanish, and Jinkus’s noticeable Argentine accent is charming. Each track features a large rotating cast of guest players, lending a bit of a party vibe, while still sounding smooth. Sometimes, however, things get too smooth, with the production turning overly slick. It doesn’t suit such a heavily textured sound, with the energy of bright brass and slap bass just begging to burst through. Still, the fierce grassroots, collaborative spirit evident here shows Jinkus and his cohorts might be onto a ripe, new funky fusion South Florida sound.

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