2 shootings in less than 13 hours? I really needed a happy song.

2 shootings, 13 hours, 33 dead people.

That is really too much for me to bear.
At this point, I feel that I’m really lucky to be alive in this country and that at any given moment some subhuman is going to decide, because he wanted to invest money in an assault rifle, if I should or not die of an old age, or at least in a plane crash, which is more dignifying.

First of all…
What the fuck is wrong with the people of this country that keep allowing congress to stand apathetic, while being duped that those of us who want control of guns are coming to take ALL of your stupid guns?

Second… Are you really this evil and selfish that you are incapable of seeing that there’s a real tangible and (repetitively) measurable problem?
2 instances in 13 hours between them causing 33 dead people, with a white supremacy manifesto to boot? Not enough evidence for you?
And to listen to people I know justifying the typical pre chewed propaganda, instead of thinking for themselves and understand how unempathetic is to say the things they say.

So I got really upset. I couldn’t take it anymore. The idiocy of the people who elect turds like mitch mcconnell (small caps are deliberate), aka #moscowmitch. And after faced with the facts, they just justify all their evil doings, voting for them AGAIN, because that’s what their team says. Like I said… the idiocy.

In any case, I was so sad and I was so devastated that I decided to listen to some uplifting music and I came across a great tune by the legendary E.L.O., Mr Blue Sky.

If you feel sad, put it in loop.
I swear. It works.

At the same time, I decided to play around with the live recording and play producer.
Since I have no access to top dollars, unless you join my community on Patreon and together we can achieve such goals, I used my Logic Pro Audio software and all the goodies it offers.

So, here goes the particulars:
I played the piano and I sang on top of a metronome (which I carefully EQ’d out of the mix) so I could stay on grid.
I tried the Ableton thing post recording sans metronome, but it’s not the same. There are little digital glitches and hiccups, that at least, I notice. And that’s good enough for me to not do it.
I put a reverb and compression on my vocals and I decided to switch the piano sound to a more soulful thing, so I went with a Wurli 200 on the chords and a Fender on the bass line. Why? Because se me cantó las pelotas.
And then, I just created a beat on top, combining electronic sounds with some acoustic ones.
I got that from guys like #TomMisch. If you haven’t heard his stuff, you’re definitely missing out.

But I also wanted to keep the ELO essence… That Beatles influence deserves it!

So, without any further ado…

Mr Blue Sky, ElectroELO


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